New Collection
ilio is ready to announce the arrival of its new remarkable collection. All handmade and lead-free crystal collection is waiting for you to discover its exciting stories…

Like existing collection, this new series takes its cue from the nature-water, light, tree and blossom, earth and air.
New ilio Packaging
New ilio packaging reflects ilio crystal glassware that is
hand-blown, hand-cut and hand-polished by master craftsmen in the centuries-old tradition of Istanbul’s finest glass makers. Fully handmade packaging with the use of special paper emotionally connects with the brand’s values in much deeper and sensuous way.
ilio's Global Mentor
ilio was selected new entrepreneur by Endeavor Global after 39th International Endeavor Selection Panel took place in London on May 2011.

Robert Polet became a global mentor to ilio which he describes as “unique creation power”. After the selection panel, Robert Polet who was CEO of Gucci Group until recently visited ilio Office in istanbul. ilio’s global business stragies were discussed and he shared valuable thoughts on ilio’s brand awareness and values.
Design Management Europe Award
Considered to be the “Oscars for design management”, the DME award evaluates the positive impact that the use of design can have on business performance. Within just over a year, ilio was able to prove its excellent quality and successful design management, thus winning an honorable mention in the small companies category. Recognition by the Award Jury demonstrates leadership in innovation, implementing change and excellence in design management.
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